Eddie Manzanares performs in the Tri-Cities and Walla Walla Washington communities and his songs include originals and covers. These songs typically run longer than average as a benefit to those who love to dance.


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Soñar y despertar soñando mas - the name means "to dream and awakening dreaming more"

The following eight songs were recorded in May 2011 and include Eddie performing with Jerry Yokel (violin, mandolin), Bruce Kirton (bass), Greg Miner (sax, flute), and Cuco Martinez (percussion).

(1) Sombra de mi gitana

(2) Guajira de Café

(3) Compartiendo tu amor

(4) Porque tú no estás

(5) Te quiero así

(6) Siluets

(7) Shades

(8) Siluets and Shades

The following two songs were recorded at the former Barrel House Cafe & Wine Bar in September 2009:

(1) Porque ya no estas - features Eddie Manzanares, Jay Almaguer, and Debi Eng.

(2) Te Deseo Amor - features Eddie Manzanares, Jay Almaguer, and Debi Eng.


A couple of videos that feature Eddie performing are shown below. You can view these videos in full screen mode.

Performing at the Wildhorse Casino in Pendleton and shows the talent of each musician as they play solo - special thanks to Ashley Dellinger Photography.

Eddie, Greg Minor and Bruce Kirton performing at Smasne Cellars Tasting Room

More Videos

Videos of Eddie on YouTube

You can find more videos of Eddie on YouTube that were recorded by Night Life Walla Walla, Susan Wetzel, Laura Hall, Faith Martin, and others.

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